Company Profile

DATA CIRCUITS is dedicated to the manufacturing of unpopulated printed boards. Our commitment is to provide the electronics industry throughout North America with quality circuits boards that not only meet but also exceed our customer expectations. The current owners and management background specialty is in Engineering and manufacturing of printed circuits boards with over 30 years experience in various technologies that have evolved over the years in this industry.

The company is located in Markham, Ontario which is in the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area.  The facility is a 15,000 SF building where the company relocated 20 years ago. The plant is equipped with the latest and advanced equipment and processes ensuring our Customers with the highest quality printed circuit boards.
Manufacturing Services:
Printed Circuit Boards
Ø       Prototype (2-5 days) and Production (3-4 weeks)
Ø       Fine line – multilayer and double-sided board
Ø      RoHS Compliant FR-4, Polymide, Teflon, High Tg. Laminates, Low DK laminates,
Thermagon, Polyflon, Cu Cores, Al Cores
Ø       Up to 24-layers
Ø       UL approved and ISO 9001:2015 Registered
Ø       24 hrs modem 2 lines,  E-mail,  DSL, FTP
Ø       Buried and blind vias
Ø       Conductive Carbon Ink Screening
Ø       Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System
Ø       Netlist Bareboard Testing
Ø       CAM Station with Standard Gerber formats input
Ø       Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold
Ø       Scoring
Ø       External Laminated Heat Sink
Ø       Pulse Rectification Plating
Ø       Hot Air Solder Leveling
Ø       Organic Finish